Nov 202011

A short post to announce  an upcoming series of posts describing the project Jinfeng.

Jinfeng is a Chinese name meaning “Golden Phoenix”.

This is the name I chose for the integration and testing platform that I am currently building-based open-source tools and scripts written in Python / Jython.

This platform is mainly based on following tools:  Jenkins / TestLink / RobotFramework / Selenium / Sikuli, working together with the Jenkins plugin/Testlink of Bruno P. Kinoshita and scripts of my own.

A 0.2 version  is already packaged but I don’t find it’s mature enough to be released.
I also took a little late on writing articles describing the platform, for “professional” reasons. But all will soon return to normal. In the meantime, here’s a general diagram of the architecture of the Jinfeng platform.

 JinFeng platform

See you soon for more details.


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  1. Any update on Jinfeng?

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