Sep 272011

For a number of reasons, you may want to see the object tree of your vCenter (Hosts, Datacenters, VM, Pool, Resource Pool, etc. …). For example, if you want to automate some, you need to find the path to point to a template, a resource pool …

It is an action quite easy to achieve, but how?

Simply open a Web browser, with the following URL:

https://xx.xx.xx.xx (with xx.xx.xx.xx equal to the IP of your vCenter).

You will get the home page as follows:


Bottom left, you can click on the link “Browse objects managed by vSphere” 


You will get an Authentification popup (you must use a user account from your vCenter VM):

If the connection is correct, you will get the following “Home”:

To browse the objects in your vCenter, you can then click on “content”:

We then get the page “ServiceContent”, which is like the highest level of the vmware object model, from which we can begin the exploration.

A little further down this page, we have for example rootFolder which is our “Data Center”. Its internal identifier is “group-d1 ‘.

Click on “group-d1 ‘and you can list your vCenter data centers:

From a datacenter, you can list all the objects attached to it: datastore, host etc …

Browse such group “host” (group-h23), we get the list of clusters in our Datacenter:

Continue the exploration of our objects tree, via the cluster “domain-c95” (this is always the Id and not the name of the cluster as seen in vCenter).

In the items listed in our cluster, we’ve got a “Resources” (resgroup-96) which seems interesting:

We are seeing then our Pool of resources! Clicking on any of them (the resgroup-237 for example) confirms this by displaying a list of the VM that are associated with our resource pool  (“resgroup-237”).

Is this really useful ?

A concrete example is the deployment of a VM from a template. One parameter in the function cloneVM needs to define the ResourcePool which the new VM wiil be connected.

Thus, the previous example allows us to determine the path describing the access to the resource pool:

Datacenter / Host / Resources /

 I will show you, in a future post, how to automaticaly clone a VM from a template  with a little piece of code (Jython/Python) and VIJAVA API.

Thanks. Olivier

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