Sep 032011

Here we are, since the time that I think about it I finally launching this web site whose main theme will be the quality of the software, specifically raised at an angle “open”.

So what explains its title: SQA Open.

For neophytes, SQA = Software Quality Assurance.

Why “open”? Because I want to “popularize” this field and make it accessible to as many people and this will include the presentation and use of concepts and open tools, open source, everyone can use easily.

The field of software quality is a vast and extensive, and I hope to be your guide for you to discover some interesting aspects..

This site will certainly have to evolve significantly in the weeks and months ahead so please come back often, make contributions and / or comments.


  One Response to “Hello world!”

  1. Wife & I are completing an SQA class this weekend. Would like a bit more ‘real’ experience before putting out the resumes (actually she is the changing careers as I’m happy where I am right now).

    Jokingly I told her to find an open source project to gain some experiance with and if she could find an open source SQA project that would be funny….

    …well here you are.

    If you have any “getting started” documentation that would be helpful. Also if you wouldn’t mind a short blog post relating your framework components equivance to Quality Center, QTP & LoadRunner that would be helpful. Just a simple correlation would be great.

    Bill & Chris

    P.S. Perhaps web2py would be a good local web-server for future tutorials?

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