Nov 202011
JinFeng project : an open-source platform for integration and testing

A short post to announce  an upcoming series of posts describing the project Jinfeng. Jinfeng is a Chinese name meaning “Golden Phoenix”. This is the name I chose for the integration and testing platform that I am currently building-based open-source tools and scripts written in Python / Jython. This platform is mainly based on following tools:  Jenkins / […]

Nov 062011

TestLink is an open source test management tool. It allows you to create test project, composed of test plans, test suites, test cases. It also manage requirements, and builds, Platforms … Finally, it can generate a set of metrics and reports to track test coverage, test campaigns, found defects… TestLink offers the ability to automate a number of transactions through an API that uses the XML-RPC protocol. For the Jinfeng project, I had the need to use the TestLink API with the Python language, […]

Sep 272011
How to browse the objects of your vCenter 4.1 or 5.0 ?

For a number of reasons, you may want to see the object tree of your vCenter (Hosts, Datacenters, VM, Pool, Resource Pool, etc. …). For example, if you want to automate some, you need to find the path to point to a template, a resource pool … It is an action quite easy to achieve, but how? […]

Sep 202011
Getting started with ... : robotframework (and python/jython)

In a series of article “Getting started with …” I’ll show you how to install and use a tool (or concept) in 5 minutes (sometimes longer). This article will address robotframework. Introduction What is robotframework ?  This is a test automation framework, respecting an approach “Keyword Driven Testing“. You will be able to write your […]

Sep 192011
How to run Windows 8 (Developer Preview) on vSphere 4.1 or 5

🙂 Please, let me a comment or an email (, or click on a ‘like’ button, to let me know if this post was helpful.It takes time to write this kind of literature and comments are the reward!  Thanks.  🙂 Having a testing platform including VMware virtualization, and used for testing softwares with different Operating Systems […]

Sep 032011

Here we are, since the time that I think about it I finally launching this web site whose main theme will be the quality of the software, specifically raised at an angle “open”. So what explains its title: SQA Open. For neophytes, SQA = Software Quality Assurance. Why “open”? Because I want to “popularize” this field and […]